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Simplicity and effectiveness make this tool indispensable for every Fifa player. Here are some simple steps to follow after downloading our chrome extension:
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Unlimited searches
Anti-ban system
Snipe specific players overall
Auto Sell
€9,99 for ALL SEASON
The price can change based on your country
Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our pricing plans. We're here to help. Oh, and don’t forget to check the FAQ page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have account limits?

No, you have access to all the features.

Am I risk of loosing my account?

According to EA's terms you cannot use any robot, spiders or other automatic device or process. Our tool does not directly access the EA website and we simulate human behavior as much as possible, however THE RISK ALWAYS EXISTS in any fifa autobuyer and like all these AutoBuyers we are not responsible for possible blockages and / or bans.

Does this autobuyer solve captcha?

No, EA is releasing constant updates regarding the security and use of autobuyer, therefore, when the captcha appears the system stops sniping, until you resolve the captcha in the WebApp and activate Sniperrr again.

How many coins is it possible to profit from this app?

It depends on your knowledge of the market and your time available to use the tool, the more you understand what is happening the greater the profit. One thing is for sure, it is worth using Sniperrr more than buying Fifa Points!

Quick Calculation: 750 Fifa Points It costs € 7.49, with these 750 Fifa Points you can buy packs that cost up to 55,000 Coins. Sniperrr has a cost of € 2,99 / month, and in this month of use, depending on your market knowledge you can make those same 55,000 coins in one day, if used 30 days in the month with this daily average profit you can get 1,650,000 coins in the month, did you catch the view?

Does the plan have automatic renewal?

No, You pay one time and you get you expiration time delayed, based on the plan you choose.

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